ASE A2 Automatic Transmission Quiz

1. An automatic transmission has no dipstick. After bringing the transmission to operating temperature and removing the plug, no transmission fluid is seen dripping from the outlet. Technician A says this is normal, and the fluid level is correct. Technician B says this indicates an overheated transmission. Who is correct?
2. Which of these automatic transmission bearings require a preload?
3. The extension housing seal is leaking, and the bushing is worn on one side. Technician A says a binding universal joint could cause this wear. Technician B says excessive output shaft endplay caused this condition. Who is correct?
4. An automatic transmission will not shift out of PARK. Technician A says a faulty shift interlock solenoid will result in this condition. Technician B says this could be caused by a faulty brake switch. Who is correct?
Electrical symbol
5. The electrical symbol above is:
Clutch and band application chart.
6. After verifying a complaint of a slipping second gear and no overdrive, the technician refers to the chart above. Which of these would result in this slip?
Transmssion solenoid chart.
7. Transmission solenoid, clutch, and band charts are diagnostic tools used to diagnose shifting problems. A vehicle is not shifting into first gear and has no overdrive. View the chart above to determine which of the following is correct?
8. An automatic transmission with a planetary gearset is being diagnosed for harsh shifting. Which of these could be the cause?
9. Transmission fluid is seen leaking from the dipstick tube. Technician A says this is caused by overfilling the transmission. Technician B says this is caused by aerated and foamy fluid. Who is correct?
10. Technician A says petroleum-based ATF is dyed red and turns dark brown when overheated. Technician B says a slipping band or clutch can cause burnt dark-colored transmission fluid. Who is correct?
11. An automatic transmission will not upshift and has fault code P0755, indicating a Shift Solenoid B Malfunction. Technician A says this could be caused by a sticking shift solenoid. Technician B says the shift solenoid is faulty. Replace the solenoid and erase the code from the TCM with a scanner. Who is correct?
12. A torque converter's stator:
13. Which transmission pump changes its flow rate to meet the needs of an automatic transmission?
14. The transmission's 1-2 shift valve is sticking in its bore. Use all of the following to clean and dry this shift valve EXCEPT:
15. A vehicle's automatic transmission is not downshifting correctly. A vacuum hose is detached and hanging down by the transmission pan. This vacuum hose should be connected to which of the following?
16. Technician A says that when the torque converter's lockup clutch engages, the turbine speed matches the impeller speed. Technician B says the lockup clutch engages during the coupling phase. Who is correct?
17. The MIL is illuminated, and the transmission only operates in third and reverse gears. Which of the following is MOST likely causing this condition?
18. Technician A says a transmission fluid temperature sensor (TFT) is a thermistor. Technician B says a scan tool and an ohmmeter can be used to diagnose a TFT sensor. Who is correct?
19. A transaxle's torque converter clutch is not engaging. Technician A says a faulty TFT sensor could cause this. Technician B says a faulty ECT sensor would cause this condition. Who is correct?
20. Technician A says that the vehicle speed sensor is driven by the input shaft of an automatic transmission. Technician B says that the parking pawl engages the input shaft to lock an automatic transmission in park. Who is correct?
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