ASE A2 Automatic Transmission Quiz

1. A technician is performing a stall test on a vehicle with an automatic transmission. In Drive, the tachometer indicates the engine's RPMs are above specifications. Which of the following is causing this test result?
2. There's a whining noise coming from the front of an automatic transmission that increases with engine speed. This noise is present in all gears, including Park and Neutral. The MOST likely cause of this noise is the:
3. An automatic transmission slips only when cold. As the vehicle warms to operating temperature, the transmission's performance returns to normal. Which of these is causing this condition?
4. Technician A says to clean the valve body with solvent and a lint-free cloth. Technician B says if a spool valve is bent, it can be straightened and reused. Who is correct?
5. During a transmission fluid check, the technician notices the ATF is milky in appearance. Which of these could be the cause?
6. An automatic transmission shifts harshly only into second gear. Technician A says a problem with the circuit's accumulator will result in this condition. Technician B says the accumulator may have a broken spring. Who is correct?
7. Technician A says that a shift solenoid is a hydraulically controlled device used for shift control. Technician B says shift solenoids are computer-controlled actuators that can be diagnosed with a scanner. Who is correct?
Automotive Relay
8. The electrical item in the illustration above represents:
Diagram of an automotive circuit.
9. Component A in the schematic diagram above is:
10. Technician A says that a faulty throttle position sensor affects both engine and automatic transmission performance. Technician B says that the throttle position sensor indicates vehicle speed to the transmission control unit. Who is correct?
11. A three-speed automatic transmission has a whining noise in first and second gear that goes away when it shifts into third. This condition is MOST likely caused by:
12. The transmission oil pump front seal is leaking, and the pump bushing is worn. Technician A says this could be caused by loose flexplate bolts. Technician B says a misaligned transmission bellhousing would cause this wear. Who is correct?
13. Which of the following effects a transmission’s shift points proportional to vehicle speed?
14. While testing the TCM of an electronic automatic transmission the technician should use at least a:
15. An automatic transaxle slips only while turning corners. Which of the following is causing this condition?
16. Technician A says a leaking transmission oil cooler causes pink milky transmission fluid. Technician B says heat and oxidation can cause pink milky transmission fluid. Who is correct?
17. Technician A says the EPC (electronic pressure control) system regulates line pressure according to engine speed and torque. Technician B says the EPC system may contain a variable force solenoid. Who is correct?
18. An automatic transaxle makes a low-pitched growling sound that increases with vehicle speed. Technician A says this could be caused by worn differential side bearings. Technician B says worn differential spider gears are the most likely cause of this noise. Who is correct?
19. Technician A says the transmission control module uses the engine coolant temperature sensor's input for torque converter clutch control. Technician B says the throttle position sensor has replaced the hydraulic governor in electronic transmissions. Who is correct?
20. A vehicle with an electronic automatic transmission is hunting for gears and having difficulty with shift timing. A scan indicates several sensors and shift solenoids are faulty. Technician A says to replace the sensors and erase the fault codes. Technician B says to inspect the circuits leading to these components. Who is correct?
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