A4 Steering and Suspension Quiz

1. On cold mornings, the warning lamp on a vehicle with a TPMS tire pressure monitoring system stays illuminated for several minutes before it goes out. Which of these is MOST likely the cause of this condition.
2. Technician A says that loose power steering rack bushings result in vehicle wander. Technician B says worn rack bushings cause changes in toe. Who is correct?
3. There is noticeable wear on the left front tire of a rear wheel drive vehicle. The technician suspects the camber angle is out of specification. All these characteristics of camber are true EXCEPT:
alignment chart 2
4. A vehicle pulls to the right and makes a clunking sound when the brakes are applied. During an alignment check the technician notices excessive negative caster on the right front wheel. Technician A says this is most likely caused by a seized brake caliper. Technician B says this is most likely caused by worn or missing strut rod bushings. Who is correct?
5. Two technicians are discussing an air bag solenoid located on the top of the air bag. Technician A says this valve is used to inflate the air bag. Technician B says this valve is used to deflate the air bag. Who is correct?
alignment chart 2
6. Technician A says the vehicle in the chart above is within specifications. Technician B says the vehicle's front toe is out of specifications. Tire wear will result from this condition. Who is correct?
7. There is a growling sound on the RF of a passenger car that changes pitch on different road surfaces. Which of the following is MOST likely causing this condition?
8. The steering wheel grabs and binds only at certain points along the steering wheel’s rotation. Technician A says the steering shaft universal joint is binding and should be inspected for wear. Technician B says the intermediate shaft may need to be replaced. Which technician is correct?
9. There’s a squeak in the steering column when the steering wheel is turned in either direction. All of the following components will result in a noisy steering column EXCEPT.
10. Two technicians are discussing tie rod ends. Technician A says loose tie rod ends result in wander while attempting to steer straight. Technician B says to rock the tire back and forth at the three and nine o’clock positions to check for tie rod looseness. Who is correct?
alignment chart
11. The vehicle in the alignment chart above has excessive shimmy above 45 mph. The MOST likely cause of this condition is:
12. A vehicle with a power rack and pinion steering system doesn't return to center after completing a turn. Technician A says an incorrect caster angle will cause this condition. Technician B says a binding lower ball joint would have no affect on steering wheel return to center. Who is correct?
13. A technician is replacing weak coil springs on a light truck with coil spring suspension. Which of the following are not used to support a solid axle with this type of suspension?
14. Two technicians are discussing struts on a front wheel drive vehicle. Technician A says some struts have a camber lobe adjustment. Technician B says a worn strut tower will make excessive noise when going over bumps. Who is correct?
Illustration of tire wear.
15. Which of the following is true about the tire in the illustration?
16. A technician is using a steel hammer to remove a loose tie rod end from an aluminum steering knuckle. Which of the following is correct?
17. Technician A says Electric Power Steering systems require inputs from the steering torque sensor and the vehicle speed sensor to operate the system's electric motor. Technician B says to use a scan tool to retrieve trouble codes from an EPS system. Who is correct?
Automotive suspension components.
18. Component A in the illustration above:
19. Which of the following is used to flush old dark colored power steering fluid from a hydraulic power steering system?
20. A technician is bleeding air from a hydraulic power steering system. All of the following are true about bleeding hydraulic power steering systems EXCEPT?
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