A4 Steering and Suspension Quiz

1. Which of the following is true about control arm bushings?
2. Technician A says the leaf spring shackle swivels and allows the spring to flatten as the vehicle travels over bumps in the road. Technician B says that a single crack in the longest blade of a multi-leaf leaf spring suspension system is acceptable as long as it does not affect ride height and the other blades are good. Who is correct?
3. The LEAST likely to result in memory steer is a binding:
Inside tire wear.
4. The inside tread of the tire in the illustration shows excessive wear. Which of the following is true about this uneven tire wear?
5. Technician A says a worn idler arm has no affect on a vehicle's total toe setting. Technician B says the center link is used in parallelogram linkage systems. Who is correct?
6. During the visual inspection of a light truck, the technician notices the left rear leaf spring has a broken center bolt. Technician A says this will affect the vehicle's thrust angle. Technician B says an incorrect thrust angle will affect the centering of the steering wheel. Who is correct?
7. A technician is unable to balance a tire and has added weights in several places around the rim. Technician A says to continue adding weights up to 10 ounces. Technician B says to dismount the tire from the rim and inspect the inside for liquid or debris. Who is correct?
8. The left front tire of a vehicle is feathered across its tread. What is the MOST likely cause of this condition?
9. Technician A says that a variable rate coil spring has varying spaces between the coils. Technician B says if a vehicle has a noticeable difference in height between sides, it may have a weak strut insert. Who is correct?
10. Technician A says the power steering pressure switch sends a signal to the PCM to increase idle speed while parking. Technician B says variable assist steering provides maximum pressure during high speed operation. Who is correct?
11. Technician A says two different size tires on the rear of a vehicle will illuminate the amber ABS light. Technician B says the 60 in P225/60R16 89H indicates the tire's section width. Who is correct?
12. A front wheel drive vehicle with a rack and pinion power steering system is being diagnosed. During the test drive, the technician notices the steering is binding in one spot, only while turning right. Which of these is the MOST likely cause of this condition?
13. A vehicle's right front wheel is making a growling noise that increases with vehicle speed. All of these will result in this condition EXCEPT:
14. Two technicians are performing a power steering pressure test. Technician A says a restriction in the high pressure line results in higher than normal test results. Technician B says if the pressure increases when the shutoff valve is closed, there's a problem with the power steering pump. Who is correct?
15. Two technicians are discussing a recirculating ball steering gear. Technician A says to measure worm bearing preload with a foot pound torque wrench. Technician B says an under adjusted sector shaft will result in excessive steering wheel free play. Who is correct?
16. Technician A says electric power steering systems require input from the vehicle speed sensor. Technician B says the electric power steering system's motor may be located on the rack or the steering column. Who is correct?
17. A vehicle with variable assist steering feels loose only at highway speeds. Technician A says to inspect VSS vehicle speed sensor operation. Technician B says this is caused by reduced pressure to the steering gear. Who is correct?
18. A vehicle with a ribbed serpentine belt makes a chirping noise when starting. Technician A says to check the belt with a belt wear gauge. Technician B says proper belt deflection is 1/2 inch per foot of belt span. Who is correct?
19. A vehicle has excessive body sway while cornering. Which of the following is MOST likely causing this condition.
20. After replacing a tapered ball joint the technician loosens the castle nut just enough to install the cotter pin. Technician A says this procedure keeps the ball joint from binding. Technician B says a binding ball joint will result in memory steer. Who is correct?
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