ASE A8 Engine Performance Practice Test

Diagram of an automotive engine control system.

5. Which of the following is correct about the engine illustrated in the diagram above?

  • A. It has an HEI distributor.
  • B. It has a waste spark ignition system.
  • C. It has sequential fuel injection.
  • D. It has multiport fuel injection.


Answer A is wrong. The engine has a distributor-less computer-controlled ignition system that contains crankshaft and camshaft position sensors for precise timing.

Answer B is wrong. The engine has (COP) coil on plug ignition; each spark plug has an ignition coil.

Answer C is correct. The engine has sequential fuel injection; each cylinder has a pulse-width injector offering more control and precise timing.

Answer D is wrong. This system is different from a multiport injection system, where the PCM fires more than one injector simultaneously.