ASE A8 Engine Performance Practice Test

Diagram of an automotive engine control system.

13. The component labeled A in the schematic diagram above is:

  • A. A member of the primary ignition system.
  • B. A member of the secondary ignition system.
  • C. Switched by the secondary circuit.
  • D. Both A and B.


Ignition control module.

Answer A is wrong. The ignition coil is part of the primary and secondary circuits. The primary circuit is switched on and off by the ignition control module using signals from the crankshaft and camshaft position sensors.

Answer B is wrong. Today's coils multiply 12 volts battery voltage to 25k to 40k volts through induction.

Answer C is wrong. An ignition coil is controlled or switched by the primary circuit.

Answer D is correct. Both A and B are correct. See the read more section to learn more about ignition coils.