ASE A6 Electrical and Electronic Quiz

1. All the lights in a brake light circuit illuminate except one. The MOST likely cause is:
Wastespark ignition system.
2. The number 2 and 3 cylinders of a four cylinder engine are producing less secondary voltage than the 1 and 4 cylinders. According to the diagram above which of the following is causing this condition?
3. If a technician reversed the leads of a digital voltmeter on a 12 volt circuit the readout would show:
4. The hazard and turn signal lights are inoperative. Technician A says that they share the same circuit. Technician B says the vehicle may have a faulty flasher. Who is correct?
Door lock circuit.
5. All of the following are true about the circuit in the diagram above EXCEPT.
Door lock circuit.
6. The power door locks in the vehicle in the diagram above unlock only. There is no locking action. Which of the following is causing this condition?
7. Two technicians are discussing diagnostics and the data link connector. Technician A says the OBD II DLC connector is located in the cabin near the steering wheel. Technician B says to use this connector to test resistance in the CAN (Controller Area Network). Who is correct?
8. A CAN controller area network is being discussed. Which of these is correct?
Fan circuit.
9. A vehicle is overheating. The electric radiator cooling fan in the illustration does not operate under any condition. All of the following result in an inoperative fan motor EXCEPT?
10. A pedal mounted brake switch is being tested with a voltmeter. The pedal is depressed, and there is power at the switch, but no power coming out. Technician A says with the brake pedal depressed, there should be power present at both ends of the brake switch. Technician B says this condition indicates that there is an open in this brake switch. Who is correct?
Automotive electrical symbol
11. The electrical symbol above is:
12. Two technicians are discussing a burned fuse element in a fan circuit. Technician A says the burned fuse was caused by high resistance in the fan circuit. Technician B says the burned fuse was the result of an open in this circuit. Who is correct?
13. Technician A says a faulty cruise control switch can result in an inoperative cruise control system. Technician B says the cruise control system may not disengage if there’s a problem with the brake switch. Who is correct?
14. An electric seat will not move backward or forward. A noise is heard coming from the seat when the switch is pressed. The MOST likely cause of this problem is:
15. Two technicians are discussing an analog transmission range sensor on a late model vehicle. Technician A says that since these sensors use resistance to indicate gear selection, they can be tested with an ohmmeter. Technician B says to start the car and make sure the circuit is powered before using the meter. Who is correct?
16. Which solder should be used when repairing an automotive electrical connection.
Schematic diagram of an alternator circuit.
17. Which of the following statements are true about the diagram illustrated above.
18. Technician A says a voltage limiter is used in an instrument panel to keep the voltage at 5 volts. Technician B says if the limiter is faulty, it may result in high gauge readings. Who is correct?
Multimeter reading
19. The display of the multimeter indicates:
Oscilloscope TP Sensor waveform
20. Two technicians are discussing the waveform in the image above. Technician A says the TP sensor in the image is defective. Technician B says the vehicle may hesitate during acceleration. Who is correct?
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