ASE A6 Electrical and Electronic Quiz

Electrical symbol.

1. The electrical symbol above is a:

2. Two technicians are discussing a burned fuse element in a fan circuit. Technician A says the burned fuse was caused by high resistance in the fan circuit. Technician B says the burned fuse was the result of an open in this circuit. Who is correct?
3. The dome light in a vehicle flickers on and off with the switch in the on position. The MOST likely cause of this problem is:
4. An electric seat will not move backward or forward. A noise is heard coming from the seat when the switch is pressed. The MOST likely cause of this problem is:
5. Two technicians are discussing an analog transmission range sensor on a late model vehicle. Technician A says that since these sensors use resistance to indicate gear selection, they can be tested with an ohmmeter. Technician B says to start the car and make sure the circuit is powered before using the meter. Who is correct?
6. A full-fielded 70 amp alternator only produces 45 amps. The MOST likely cause of this is:
7. Two technicians are discussing diagnostics and the data link connector. Technician A says OBDII DLC connector is located in the cabin near the steering wheel. Technician B says to use this connector to test resistance in the CAN, or controller area network. Who is correct?
8. A CAN controller area network is being discussed. Which of these is correct?
Automotive electrical symbol

9. The electrical symbol above is:

10. A pedal mounted brake switch is being tested with a voltmeter. The pedal is depressed, and there is power at the switch, but no power coming out. Technician A says with the brake pedal depressed, there should be power present at both ends of the brake switch. Technician B says this condition indicates that there is an open in this brake switch. Who is correct?
11. A vehicle's engine is slow cranking. The battery is in good condition. Technician A says to perform a voltage drop test on the starter circuit. Technician B says voltage must be present in order to perform this test. Who is correct?
Electrical symbol

12. The electrical symbol above is :

13. An alternator suffers from low voltage output. The alternator outputs maximum voltage when full-fielded. Which of these is MOST likely at fault?
14. Technician A says a fully charged lead acid automotive battery has a specific gravity of 1.265  at 80° F. Technician B says the battery's specific gravity is affected by temperature. Who is correct?
15. A vehicle's air conditioner blower motor will only work if the selector is in the high position. Technician A says to check the blower motor resistor. Technician B says this is most likely a loose ground connection. Who is correct?
16. Which solder should be used when repairing an automotive electrical connection.
17. The cruise control of a vehicle is being diagnosed for intermittent operation. Which of the following components are LEAST likely to affect its operation?
18. Technician A says a voltage limiter is used in an instrument panel to keep the voltage at 5 volts. Technician B says if the limiter is faulty, it may result in high gauge readings. Who is correct?
Multimeter reading

19. The display of the multimeter indicates:

20. The windshield wipers on a vehicle are slow and dragging across the windshield. Technician A says this could be an open circuit at the motors ground. Technician B says the wiper linkage may be binding. Who is correct?
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