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Free ASE Practice Tests -
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ASE A1 Engine Repair: Practice Test 2
ASE Study Guide 3 | ASE A1 Practice Test
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ASE Certification Test | Free A1 Practice Test 6
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ASE A1 Engine Repair Practice Test 11 -
Compression Wet Test Procedure: Results Easily Explained
Valve Stem Installed Height
Swelled Ballooned Oil Filter: Oil Filter Valves
Torque to Yield Bolts
Engine Crankshaft: Journal Bearings Inspection
ASE Test Prep | Free ASE A2 Study Guide
ASE Practice Test A2 | Free ASE Study Guides
ASE A2 Practice Test 4 |
ASE A2 Practice Test 5 |
ASE A2 Practice Test 6 |
ASE A2 Automatic Transmission Practice Test 7
ASE A2 Automatic Transmission Practice Test 8
ASE A2 Automatic Transmission Practice Test 9
Automatic Transmission Cooler Function Location
Automatic Transmission EPC Solenoid
Transmission Fluid Temperature Sensor TFT Sensor
TCM Transmission Control Module
Automatic Transmission Fluid Level Check
ASE A3 Manual Drive Train and Axles Practice Test 2:
ASE A3 Manual Drive Train and Axles Practice Test 3:
ASE A3 Manual Drive Train and Axles Practice Test 4:
ASE A3 Manual Drive Train and Axles Practice Test 5:
ASE A3 Manual Drive Train and Axles Practice Test 6:
ASE A3 Manual Transmission Practice Test 7
Shift Linkage and Shift Rails
Limited Slip Differential Function
Transfer Case Function and Operation
Causes and Fixes of Drivetrain Windup
Clutch Master Cylinder: Symptoms Problems Diagnosis
ASE Practice Test A4 | ASE Study Guides 2
ASE Test Prep 3 | Free ASE A4 Study Guide
ASE A4 Practice Test |
A4 Suspensin and Steering 5:
ASE A4 Practice Test 6 |
ASE Practice Test A4 | Free ASE Study Guides 7
ASE A4 Practice Test | Free ASE Study Guides 8
Steering Problems: Solving a Steady Pull
Caster vs Camber | Caster vs Camber Adjustment
Tie Rod Adjustment and Feathered Tire Wear
Wheel Alignment: Rear Toe
SAI and the Included Angle Explained Illustrated
ASE Test Prep | Free ASE A5 Study Guide 2
Free ASE Study Guides | ASE A5 Practice Test 3
ASE Sample Questions Brakes A5 | Free ASE Study Guides
ASE Certification Test 5 | Free A5 Practice Test
ASE A5 Practice Test 6 | Free ASE Study Guides
ASE A5 Practice Test |
ASE Practice Test A5 | Free ASE Study Guides 8
ASE A5 Brakes Practice Test 9
Vacuum Brake Booster Problems Operation Diagnosis
Spongy Brake Pedal
Passive and Active ABS Wheel Speed Sensor Function
Brake Master Cylinder Replenishing: Brake Lock up Problem
Sticking Brake Caliper
ASE Test Prep | Free ASE A6 Study Guide
ASE A6 Practice Test 3|
ASE Practice Test A6 | Free ASE Study Guide 4
ASE Study Guides | ASE A6 Practice Test 5
Free ASE Study Guides | ASE A6 Practice Test 6
A6 Electrical and Electronic Systems Certification Practice Test
ASE Practice Test A6 | Free ASE Study Guide 8 ASE A6 Practice Test 9
ASE A6 Electrical Electronics Practice Test Question
Voltage Drop Test: Testing the Starter Circuit
Diodes in Series
Voltage Regulator Test | Full Field Alternator
Battery Specific Gravity Test: Battery Hydrometer Test
Blower Motor Resistor Symptoms Testing
ASE Test Prep | Free ASE A7 Study Guide
ASE Study Guides | ASE A7 Practice Test
ASE Practice Test A7 | Free ASE Study Guides
ASE A7 Practice Test 5:
ASE A7 Practice Test 6:
ASE A7 Practice Test 7:
ASE A7 Practice Test 8:
ASE A7 Practice Test 9:
Clogged Orifice Tube | Cycling Clutch Orifice Tube
High Pressure Sensor Circuit Question and Answer
A/C Pressure Sensor Function
Fan Shroud Design and Function
Recirculation Door Electric Blend Function
A/C Belt Squeal | Serpentine Belt Noise
ASE Test Prep | Free ASE A8 Study Guide
ASE Study Guides | ASE A8 Practice Test 3
ASE Practice Test A8 | Free ASE Study Guide 4
ASE Study Guides | ASE A8 Practice Test 5
ASE Study Guides 6 |
ASE Practice Test A8 | Free ASE Study Guides 7
ASE Practice Test A8 | Free ASE Study Guides 8
ASE A8 Engine Performance Practice Test 9
Knock Sensor Function Symptoms and Problems
Hesitation and TPS: Throttle Position Sensor
EGR Valve and Oxides of Nitrogen
Evap Code: Loose Gas Cap
A/F Sensor/Air Fuel Ratio Sensor
ASE G1 Test Prep | Free ASE Study Guide
ASE G1 Study Guide | ASE Practice Test 3
ASE G1 Practice Test 4 |
ASE G1 Practice Test 5 |
ASE G1 Practice Test 6 |
Car is Smoking | White Exhaust Color Diagnosis
Pink Milky Automatic Transmission Fluid ATF
CV Joint Diagnosis
Tire Wear Problems
Hard Brake Pedal Diagnosis
Exhaust Color Diagnosis | White Smoke Blue Black
Engine Vacuum Test Results | Vacuum Test Diagnosis
Main Crankshaft Bearings: Use Oversized or Undersized Bearing
Cylinder Power Balance for a Misfire
Adjusting Hydraulic Lifters: Valve Lifter Preload Symptoms
Sway Bars Function Explained: Body Roll
Variable Assist Steering: EVO and VSS
Inspect EPDM and Neoprene Accessory Belt
Understanding Reading Alignment Specifications
Ball Joints Noise Popping
Hydroboost Brake Assist Booster and Function
Vacuum Brake Booster: Hard Pedal Problems Diagnosis
How Brake Calipers Work: Disk Brake Caliper Sticking
ABS Accumulator | ABS Accumulator Function
ABS System Channels: Description and Operation
Electrical Symbol Diagram
Troubleshoot Automotive Short and Open Circuits
Wiggle Test | Intermittent Loose Connections
Electrical Power Seat Problems
Transmission Range Sensor Test
Clutch Start Safety Switch
MAP Sensor Function
WOT, TP Sensor and the A/C Clutch
Loose Connector: Perform a Voltage Drop Test
Interference Engine vs Non Interference Engine: The Difference
Cylinder Leak Down Test: Tester Procedure
Engine Coolant Temperature (ECT) Sensor
Radiator Fans: Electric Cooling Fans Explained
Clogged Catalytic Converter Causes
Air Pockets in the Cooling System- Remove
RTV Aerobic: Sealants in Automotive Repair
Piston Slap Noise and Excessive Bore Clearance
Engine Detonation, Knock, and Ping
Exhaust Smoke: Turbocharger Bearing Failure
Supercharger vs Turbocharger
Starting System: Check the Battery First
Engine Mounts and Vibration
Cylinder Bore Measurements Taper or Out of Round
Connecting Rods and Rod Caps
Engine Block Repair: Pinning
Low Oil Pressure
Cylinder Head Valve Margin Burnt Exhaust
Cylinder Head | Test Repair Service Cleaning
Automotive Flexplate Flywheel | Flywheel Ring Gear Resurfacing
Camshaft Duration Lift and Valve Overlap
Exhaust Color: Help Diagnostics
Check Piston Ring Groove Clearance: Illustrated
Sulfur Odor, Causes, and Rich Fuel Condition
Battery Capacity Test | Battery Load Test
Electrolysis in the Cooling System
Coolant System Leak Pressure Test
PCV Valve Symptoms: Positive Crankcase Ventilation
Valve Adjustments Cam Shaft Lift and Duration
Valve Spring Inspection and Design
Wet Compression Test: Guide and Instructions
Main Bearing Caps and Measurements
Ridge Reaming an Engine Block
Automotive Valve Seals: Symptoms Smoke at Startup
Cylinder Leak Down Testing Results Explained
How to Read a Metric Micrometer
Piston Rings: Installation of Set
Cylinder Power Balance Testing Explained
Turbochargers Function Explained Illustrated
Supercharger and Turbocharger Intercoolers
ASE A1 Engine Repair Quiz 1:
ASE A1 Engine Repair Quiz 2:
Automatic Transmission Multiple Disk Clutch Assembly
Automatic Transmission Bearings
Automatic Transmission Extension Housing Bushing
Automatic Transmission Torque Converter Clutch TCC
Automatic Transmission Pressure Tests
About: Automatic Transmission Brake Bands
Transmission Pressure: Governor Regulator Modulator Throttle Valves
Transmission Oil Pumps: Variable Displacement vs Fixed Displacement
Transaxle Final Drive Gears and Chain Assembly
Neutral Safety Switch/Transmission Range Sensor Troubleshooting Test
Valve Body: Separator Plates
Overrunning One Way Stator Clutch | Torque Converter
Automatic Transmission Planetary Gearset
Torque Converter Inspection
Difference Between a MAF and MAP Sensor Explained
Torque Converter Stall Test: Stator and Stall Speed
Symptoms of a Transmission Oil Pump / Torque Converter Diagnosis
Automatic Transmission Seals: Transmission Slipping
Automatic Transmission Valve Body: Valve Parts Replacement
Automatic Transmission Fluid Types
Hard Shifting Automatic Transmission: Accumulator Shift Feel
Transmission Shift Solenoids: Malfunction Problems Testing
What an Automotive Relay Does
VSS Vehicle Speed Sensor: Malfunction Location Symptoms
Automatic Transmission Sensors: Throttle Position Sensor
Gear Ratios: Gear Reduction vs Overdrive
Automatic Transmissions: Synchronous vs Non-Synchronous
Automatic Transmission Manual Shift Valve Leak
Transmission Oil Pan Black Gold Colored Debris
Automatic Transmission Modulator vs TPS
Automatic Transmission Fluid Leak Vent Check
Automatic Transmission Limp in Mode
Automatic Transmission Governor Valve vs VSS
Testing Sensitive Automotive Circuits: 10 Megohm Tester
Transmission Harness and Circuit Problems
ASE A2 Automatic Transmission Quiz 1:
ASE A2 Automatic Transmission Quiz 2:
Transmission Mounts: Slipping Gear
Manual Transmission Synchronizer Inspection Function
Causes of Vibrations in an Automobile.
Flywheel Alignment and Balance
Constant Velocity Joints Noise
Clutch Release Bearing Noise
Types of Manual Transmission Bearings
Transfer Case Makes a Popping Noise
Driveshaft Companion Flange Pinion Torque
Ring and Pinion Backlash Measurements
Manual Transmission Pilot Bearing Diagnosis
Manual Transmission Fluid Check Change
All Wheel Drive Cars | Viscous Clutch Diagnosis
Manual Transmission Clutch Chatter
Manual Transmission Gear Inspection Repair
Universal Joints: Bad Driveshaft Angles U-Joints
Diagnose Clutch Bearing Noise | Slip Chatter Problems
Manual Transmission Hard Shifting Problems: Clutch Synchronizer
Clutch Pressure Plate Symptoms Problems Replacement
Ring and Pinion Gearset | Pinion Gear Depth Setting
Collapsible Spacer and Pinion Bearing Preload
Leaking Transmission or Axle Seal?
Limited Slip Differential: Noise and Diagnosis
Replace and Repair Bad CV Joints:Noise
Troubleshooting Backup Light Switch | Clutch Safety Switch
ASE A3 Manual Transmission and Axle Quiz 1:
Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS)
Engine Cradle Mis-Alignment: Camber Angle
Air Suspension Systems and Component Leaks
Steering: Loose Tie Rods
Directional Tires Function and Mounting
Tire Sizing Speed Rating Charts Description Rating
Rack and Pinion Gear: Bind in Gear
Check Wheel Bearings | Noise and Symptoms
Power Steering Pump Pressure Test: Troubleshooting
Steering Gear Box Adjustments
Causes of Bump, Memory and Torque Steer
Front End Alignment | Alignment Toe Adjustment
Camber Angle | Camber Angle Adjustment
Torsion Bar Suspension: Torsion Bar Key Adjustment
Shock Absorbers Function
Binding in Steering and Suspension
Engine Cradle and Alignment Angles
Air Bag Light | Broken Clockspring Diagnosis
Strut Rods and Caster
Excessive Camber Angle: Pull to One Side
Learn About Thrust Angle and Vehicle Alignment
Unable to Balance Tire?
Tire Tread Wear Patterns: Pictures | Causes
Vehicle Ride Height | Check Ground Clearance Car
Variable Assist Power Steering
Wheel Alignment Chart: Caster Angle
Caster: Steering Wheel Return to Center
Memory Steer | Binding Strut Ball Joint Diagnosis
MacPherson Strut Suspension Noise Diagnosis: Function
Idler Arm: Replace Diagnose Idler Arm
ASE A4 Steering and Suspension Quiz 1:
ASE AA4 Steering and Susension Quiz 2:
Wheel Bearings Function Noise Diagnosis
Residual Check Valve Function: Drum Brake System
Brake Pad Wear Indicators: Pad Wear Warning Light
ABS Hydraulic Modulator | ABS Hydraulic Modulator Unit Problems
Brake System Proportioning Valve | Function Diagnosis
Brake Fluid Check | DOT3 DOT4 DOT5 Ratings
Brake Master Cylinder Sinking Pedal and Pedal Fade
Brake Drum Replacement | Brake Drum Inspection
Replace Brake Shoes: Drum Brake Shoe Replacement
Brake Lines Leaking Automotive
Brake Drag | Brake Drag Causes
Brake Rotor Lateral Runout and Thickness
Metric Micrometer Practice | Reading a Metric Micrometer
Brake Lines and Hoses: Replacement Repair Front
Brake Combination Valve Function
Learn Automotive Brakes: Diagnose Metering | Proportioning Valve
Learn About Brake Light Diagnosis and Troubleshooting
Drum Parking Brake System Components
Road Testing for Warped Brake Rotors
Brake Drum: Inside Measurements
Automotive Drum Brake Backing Plate: File Shoe Pads
Things That Cause: A Low Brake Pedal
Brake Components and Lubricants
Wheel Speed Sensor: Function
Brake Proportioning Valve
Quick Take Up Master Cylinder
Electronic Stability Control ESC Function Components
Integral vs Non-Integral ABS
Sticking Slide Pins | Uneven Brake Pad Wear
TCS Traction Control System Function | Components
Hub Flange and Warped Rotors: Steering Vibration
Red vs Yellow Brake Warning Light
Brake Light Replacement
Brake Burnishing
Pressure Differential Switch Diagnosis
ASE A5 Brake Quiz 1:
ASE A5 Brakes Quiz 2:
Troubleshooting an Alternator Rectifier Bridge
Troubleshooting OBD II Data Link Connector
Automotive CAN Controller Area Network
Brake Switch Test | Multimeter
How to Solder Automotive Wiring with Rosin Core
Cruise Control System Function Operation
Instrument Cluster: Voltage Limiter
Reading and Understanding a Digital Multimeter
Windshield Wiper System Symptoms and Repair
Troubleshoot Automotive Alarm Systems
Common Automotive Diagram Symbols
Battery Dies Over Night: Find n Fix Parasitic Drain
Free ASE Study Guides: Glove Box Light
Alternator Maximum Output Test
Starter Current Draw Test: Test Starter Motor
Fuses and Circuit Protection Devices
Power Windows: Troubleshooting
Parking Brake Warning Light Circuit
Diagnostics: Scan Tool
Battery Load Test | Battery Capacity Test
Voltage Regulator | Voltage Regulator Circuit
Airbag Restraint System: Components
High Charging System Voltage: Bright Headlights Explained
Starting System Component Check and Diagnosis
Troubleshoot Brake lights: Parallel Circuits Brake Bulbs
Starter Current Draw Test: Testing Starter Motor
Digital Multimeter: Battery Voltage Test
Automotive Hazard Lights and Electical Diagnostics
How to Check for a Blown Fuse in a Car
ASE ASE A6 Electrical and Electronic Quiz 1:
ASE ASE A6 Electrical and Electronic Quiz 2:
Cycling Clutch Orifice Tube vs Thermostatic Expansion Valve
Troubleshoot A/C Line Restrictions
A/C: UV Refrigerant Leak Detection
Characteristics of Refrigerant 134a
Radiator Cooling Fans Not Working
Variable Displacement Compressor
A/C Clutch Relay Function and Troubleshooting
A/C Evaporator's Function and Design
Automotive A/C Condenser Function and Diagnosis
A/C Blower Motor Resister Function and Symptoms
A/C Compressor Clutch Coil Test
A/C Condenser Function: Cleaning and Air Flow
A/C Drip Tube Clogged and Wet Carpet
What is an In-Car Temperature Sensor?
Expansion Valve Diagnosis: Frozen Valve
Sun Load Sensor Testing and Operation
Air Trapped in Heater Core | Gurgling Noise: Dash
AC Compressor Reed Valves: Low Discharge Pressure
AC Clutch Relay Short to Ground Qu.
AC Clutch Circuit | Clutch Wont Engage
Cycling Clutch Switch | Orifice Tube System (CCOT)
A/C Retrofit from R12 to R134a
Ambient Air Temperature Sensor Function
Receiver Drier: Restriction and Diagnosis
Automotive Electrical Symbols A/C Chart
R134a Refrigerant Cylinders | R134a Refrigerant Storage
AC Manifold Gauge Readings | Troubleshoot Bad Compressor
Troubleshooting A/C Heater Control Valve
Fixed and Variable Orifice Tube Difference
Troubleshooting TXV Thermostatic Expansion Valves
AC Evacuation: Remove Air and Moisture
A/C Refrigerant Leak Oil on A/C Hose
Automotive Air Conditioning System Check: Diagnosis
AC Accumulator Function and Symptoms
Identify Mixed Refrigerants: Refrigerant Identifier
AC Receiver Drier Function
ASE A7 Heating and Air Conditioning Quiz 1:
ASE A7 Heating Air Conditioning Quiz 2:
Turbo Charger: Boost Controls
Engine Performance: Sensors
Viscous Fan Clutch Operation Symptoms
High Fuel Pressure: Causes and Symptoms Testing
Fuel Trim
Fuel Trim: Rich Fuel Mixture Symptoms
Heated Oxygen Sensor: Zirconia Sensors and Fuel Injection
Turbocharger's Function: Problems and Symptoms
Automotive Emissions Troubleshooting
Voltage Drop Testing Automotive Circuits
Troubleshooting PCV Valve Problems
Troubleshooting Crankshaft Position Sensor Problems
Enhanced EVAP Function
Engine Power Balance Testing
Free ASE Study Guides Q and A Engine Cylinder Compression Test
Coil on Plug COP Ignition Cylinder Misfire Problem
Check Engine Light Gas Cap: Code P0455 P0457
What Causes an Overheated Catalytic Converter?
Short Term Long Term Fuel Trim Explained
Components and Symptoms of Automotive Antitheft Systems
Restricted Exhaust Flow
OBD II P0301 System Code Explained
Fuel Pressure Regulator Problems: Testing
No Start Stalling Engine - Crankshaft Position Sensor
Cleaning EGR Valve Passage
Cylinder Power Balance Test
Coil on Plug COP Ignition Systems Problems
MAF Mass Air Flow Sensor: Symptoms Cleaning Dirty MAF
Throttle Position Sensor: Function, Symptoms and Testing
Cylinder Compression Test: Camshaft Timing
Engine Vacuum Test | Vacuum Leak Test Diagnosis
What an EGR Valve Does: Its Function Symptoms
Troubleshooting Combustion Chamber by Exhaust Color
Symptoms Clogged Catalytic Converter: Loss of Power
ASE A8 Engine Performance Quiz 1:
ASE A8 Engine Performance Quiz 2:
Testing Resistance in a Circuit
A/C Evaporator Core Function
PCV Valve | Positive Crankcase Ventilation
Air Pockets Afer a Flush or Repair
A Growling Noise and Bad Wheel Bearings
Brake Pull to One Side | Restrictions and Brake Pull
Air Flow and the Condenser
A Loose Connector and the Wiggle Test Explained
Leaking Valve Seals Exhaust Smoke at Startup
Alternator's Voltage Regulator Overcharging the Battery
Binding in the Steering System
Unable to balance tire?
Diagrams: Electrical Symbols
Automatic Transmission Pump Or Rear Main Leak Seal?
Brake light Circuits
Hydroboost Brake Booster Diagnosis
Tire Pressure Monitoring System Diagnosis Function
Universal Joints Driveline Vibration
Clogged Oil Filter
Measuring Brake Rotors
DOT 5 Brake Fluid: Not for ABS
Automotive Thermostat Function
Headlight Bulb Replacement
Serpentine Belt Replacement Diagnosis
ASE G1 Maintenance and Lt. Repair Quiz 1:
Diagram: Door lock circuit
Automotive Door Lock Circuits
Diagram of an Alternator
Window Diagram: Voltage Reversal Rest at Ground
Diagram of a power window circuit.
Diagram: Door Lock Ground Switched
Diagram of a Ground Side Switched Relay Circuit.
Diagram: Door Lock Circuit
Clamping Diodes: Door Lock Circuits
Diagram of an Alternator Circuit
Automotive ECT Sensor Question and Answer
A/C NTC Negative Temperature Coefficient Sensors
A/C Climate Control System Question and Answer
A/C Climate Control System Diagram
CAN and the Climate Control Network
CAN and Automotive Climate Control
A/C Electric Door Actuator Question and Answer
Temperature Blend Door Actuator | Wastespark Ignition Q and A
Waste Spark Ignition Systems: Two Cylinders Misfire | Q and A Wastespark Ignition Circuit
Weak Ignition Coil Causes Misfire | MAP Sensor Circuit Q and A Block Diagrams | Q and A PCM Engine Performance
Multiport vs Sequential Port Fuel Injection | ECT Circuit Diagram Q and A Explained
NTC Sensors and Engine Perfromance
Automatic Transmission Fluid Check
ASE A1 Engine Repair Practice Test | MAP Sensor Circuit Q and A Block Diagrams
Transmission Troubleshoot Fading Whining Noise
ASE A1 Engine Repair Practice Test
ASE A1 Engine Repair Practice Test
Ring and Pinion Tooth Contact Patterns
Differential Side Bearings
Troubleshoot 4WD Light Flashing
Reading a Spark Plug for Drivability Diagnosis
Spark Plug Basics and How They Work